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Objective-C’s Programming History Revealed

An analysis of why C is so important in programming reveals the sordid history and origins of Objective-C.  In his blog, Steven Vaughan-Nichols walks us through the use of C in almost every phase of developer history. Objective-C has roots in Smalltalk, an original message-based language that is a predecessor to event-driven programming.  While gaining in popularity over the past few years, Objective-C is still not in the top-ten programming languages used. But nevertheless, Objective-C Programming is here to stay with the saturation of the iPad into the market, even at this early phase.  The iPad and the iPhone usage statistics (upwards of 4 million devices), and the advent of the App Store and developer profit-sharing, Objective-C will continue to grow and eventually crack the TIOBE top 10. Other languages are quickly gaining … Read entire article »

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iPad’s Browser Makes Developers Work Harder

Developers are gearing up for the next round of browsers that they have to develop web applications for.  A world without browser plug-ins is the world that Apple pictures, as their iPad browser doesn’t support even Flash, the most common plug-in on the web. An early decision from Apple was that the iPad would only render videos and other multimedia found commonly on the internet in HTML5.  While this is typical for Apple to control their environment, never before have they been able to control the user’s browsing experience to this level before the iPad. Now, from an iPad developer standpoint, this makes another browser to throw into the cross-compatibility mix.  The biggest hurdle is that HTML5 is not backwards compatible, so browsers like IE6 (which will not die), will never be … Read entire article »

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IPad Apps Get Venture-Capital Cash

Two major venture-captial firms, AppFund, Inc. and Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers have set aside a fund to invest in development groups and firms that are building applications for the iPad tablet pc…and we’re not talking about chump change, either. Kleiner Perkins is said to have 200 million dollars in their coffers for the right development groups and teams, and is currently funding two such companies that are dedicated to making inroads to the iPad and iTouch device market via the Apple App Store. It’s not a bad bet.  This is considered by many to be the dawn of a new development frontier since the websites have to be built in HTML5 compliance, and the applications are generally written in Objective-C or boiled down to that language’s bytecode when developed elsewhere. For iPad … Read entire article »

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iPad Runs Newton OS Courtesy of Jonathan Vi

Few people remember the Apple Newton OS, one of the first hand-held computers in the world.  Well, one guy does, and his name is Jonathan Vi.  Vi runs a group called the Einstein Project (their repository of Newton love can be found on and he’s in love with the Newton. So much so, he has ported Newton to the iPad.  Vi, a receiver of an early delivery iPad for his review, did more than David Pogue did in his time with the iPad, he actually got Newton to run on the device. We can’t say why he did it, but we can say it took him less than a week and we can also say that Jonathan Vi loves the Newton more than anyone else on our planet.  I just hope … Read entire article »

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