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Amazon Kindle App is iPad Ready

With a whopping 450,000+ titles, the Amazon Kindle e-Reader software is ready and available for the iPad.  Because of the way the software is built, it runs just as easily and feature-rich on the iPhone itself.

This is an upgrade to the previous version of the Amazon Kindle app, that Apple released along side the Kindle 2.  The app was good, but not great.  It looks like Kindle, while abdicating its king of e-reader technology throne, hasn’t thrown in the towel just yet.

With almost 1/2 million titles available and the software running now on two devices, Kindle may be able to secure its foothold in the marketplace.   Now, if they only weren’t competing against the native-running iBookstore…

The iPad version of Kindle includes a spiffy page-turning animation (why should Apple have all the page-turning fun?) as well as an option to turn off the animation (for which I thank the Amazon developers kindly). The library view on Kindle for the iPad displays large thumbnails of the books you have available to read and is both scrollable and pinchable.

Story by: Scott McNulty | Original Published Date: 4/2/2010
Original Title: Kindle app now available for iPad
Source: Macworld

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