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iPad Launching in Apple Stores, but No Lines

With just hours to go until the launch of the new iPad in Apple’s retail stores, we’re all wondering where the lines are.  Granted, there was a massive pre-order push from consumers that pushed the numbers well into Tello’s 200,000 iPad pre-order prediction, but nothing?  No lines anywhere?

It’s possible the iPhone frenzy isn’t here for the iPad, or it’s possible that since it’s just a big, souped-up version of the iPhone there’s less WOW factor.  One thing is certain, the iPad will be in stores tomorrow and if you’re lucky enough you can get one without the lines.

Supplies are extremely limited.

But with many able to pre-order the gadget since mid-March, there was little reason to stand in line ahead of Saturday’s 9 a.m. launch. Those who ordered early enough online get their iPads on Saturday, via pickup at a store or home delivery.

Apple has staked much of its reputation on the iPad, pitched as a revolutionary new category of device: a lightweight mobile computer that strives to combine the best attributes of a smartphone and a laptop.

It is Apple’s most important launch since the iPhone. Wall Street is keen to gauge consumer response to the device, the firm’s next growth driver, and the crowds at Apple stores this weekend may provide an early indication of its popular appeal.

Story by: Gabriel Madway | Original Published Date: 4/2/2010
Original Title: iPad, on eve of launch, still awaits the rush
Source: Reuters

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  1. UPDATE: Lines to pick up or buy the iPad from the Apple Store began to form around 3:00 AM. CNN Coverage was bigger than the stories about the Catholic Church defending pedophiles. Apple surpasses religion with iPad sales, now let’s see what the final first-week release numbers show…

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