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iPad Firmware and Apple iPhone SDK 3.2 Officially Released

10 days after release, Apple released it’s GM version of the iPad SDK 3.2.  The iPhone SDK, available through Apple’s Developer Website, is the de-facto development tool for all App Store items that will run on both the iPhone and iPad.  The beta release of the SDK 3.2 was made available to allow the iPad to get some traction with developers before the April 3rd launch date and ensure some applications would be available at shipping time.

The iPad firmware release is available for users who are members of the Apple development community that charges $99 per year.  For the amount of cash you can make in the App Store, it’s a small price to pay and the resources that are available through apple are simply amazing.  You can tap into a deep community that is both friendly and helpful.

Prior to last night’s update, developers were coding their apps with beta versions of the tools, and even had to finish their iPad apps with the pre-release SDK to hit the March 27 deadline if they wanted their titles available on the April 3 iPad launch day.

Story by: Jeff Gamet | Original Published Date: 3/30/2010
Original Title: Apple Releases Completed iPhone OS 3.2 SDK
Source: Mac Observer

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