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Clock Is Ticking For iPad Developers For Launch

Apple’s iPad ships on April 3rd, but Apple has set a hard deadline for developers to get their apps submitted to the App Store by March 27th.  Apple runs a tight ship, we all know that, but adding to the problem is that all apps must be built on the latest version of the SDK (3.2, beta 5).

So developers are expected to create applications without any access to an actual iPad (sure sure, emulators are available, but we all know that only goes so far) and with the latest beta of the SDK.  The beta, by the way, was released yesterday (3/19).

So realistically, you have two choices.  Be a purist and wait for the actual iPad to ship so you can truly test your applications, or go with it because everyone’s applications are being built site-unseen.   We’d say, for obvious competitive reasons, go with the emulator.

The good news is that the normally long developer review is on double-time, iPad needs apps.  Go make them!

The good news, though, is that iPad owners will have more than just Apple’s apps to choose from on day one. Also, developers have observed especially quick review times of late. This suggests that even in the worst case that some apps require an early fix, developers should be able to get it out to users with little delay.

Story by: Chris Foresman | Original Published Date: 3/19/2010
Original Title: Apple to iPad devs: on your mark, get set, submit!
Source: ArsTechnica

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