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HP Slate “Leaked” Design Fills iPad Gaps

In a massive calling-out of the iPad’s fanatic support, HP “leaked” a document that shows a side-by-side comparison of the HP Slate Tablet-PC against the Apple iPad.  The verdict?  Apple better figure out how to add some features and fast…

It’s not a surprise that Apple, in its rush to launch the iPad, left out some pieces that users are up-in-arms about.  Mainly, a lack of camera and a lack of USB ports, but others are grumbling now when looking at the features the HP Slate will support.

HP Slate’s tablet looks geared to the more power user and ships with the Intel Atom processor, Windows 7 and runs just like a laptop, only thinner and lighter.   It also will support memory cards through an adapter, USB 2.0, has up to a 10 hour battery life, a camera and the list goes on.

So early surveys showed that Kindle users were switching over to the iPad and/or had buyer’s remorse.  The big question is:  7 months from now, will buyers have remorse over their purchases of iPad at launch in favor of the HP Slate?  Personally, I think they are two separate audiences, but the HP Slate’s support from Windows may force Apple to integrate Adobe Flash into their tablet pc to stay competitive…no-one likes websites with big holes in them…

HP seems to be using a 1.6-GHz Intel Atom processor compared to the proprietary 1-GHz Apple A4 processor. However, actual performance of the two cannot be compared as the Atom is a general purpose processor used in many of the netbook PCs on the market, while the Apple A4 processor could have proprietary technology for performance optimization.

The HP slate device has a connector for reading SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards up to 128 GB, as well as a USB 2.0 port and a connector for an optional docking station, of which the Apple iPad has none.

Story by: Joseph F. Kovar | Original Published Date: 4/6/2010
Original Title: Leaked Specs Put HP Slate Up Against Apple iPad
Source: Channel Web

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