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iPad’s AdLib HTML5 Framework Unearthed

Nicknamed the AdLib Framework after the name of a file found when digging around on his iPad (it’s AdLib-ug-ipad.js for the trivia buffs out there), a developer by the name of Jim Hoskins is credited as discovering Apple’s key to HTML 5 through its SDK and tools. This is not the first web toolkit or framework that Apple has released, though this one was rather quietly and hidden.  Previous iterations include PastryKit for the iPhone/iPod Touch series of devices and another for the iTunes album content called TuneKit.  This could be considered PastryKit for the iPad as the Ajaxian coined. AdLib may not even be called that by the Apple Glitterati, it’s simply nicknamed that based on files found and the AD prefix in front of the API calls. The iPad AdLib Framework … Read entire article »

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iPad Firmware and Apple iPhone SDK 3.2 Officially Released

10 days after release, Apple released it’s GM version of the iPad SDK 3.2.  The iPhone SDK, available through Apple’s Developer Website, is the de-facto development tool for all App Store items that will run on both the iPhone and iPad.  The beta release of the SDK 3.2 was made available to allow the iPad to get some traction with developers before the April 3rd launch date and ensure some applications would be available at shipping time. The iPad firmware release is available for users who are members of the Apple development community that charges $99 per year.  For the amount of cash you can make in the App Store, it’s a small price to pay and the resources that are available through apple are simply amazing.  You can tap into … Read entire article »

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Clock Is Ticking For iPad Developers For Launch

Apple’s iPad ships on April 3rd, but Apple has set a hard deadline for developers to get their apps submitted to the App Store by March 27th.  Apple runs a tight ship, we all know that, but adding to the problem is that all apps must be built on the latest version of the SDK (3.2, beta 5). So developers are expected to create applications without any access to an actual iPad (sure sure, emulators are available, but we all know that only goes so far) and with the latest beta of the SDK.  The beta, by the way, was released yesterday (3/19). So realistically, you have two choices.  Be a purist and wait for the actual iPad to ship so you can truly test your applications, or go with it because … Read entire article »

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iPad SDK 3.2: 25,000 Developers Strong

Download the iPad SDK from the Apple website and join the 25,000+ developers that have already started creating applications. The SDK is used for developing for both the iPad and iPhone. Apple’s website features iPad guidelines for development, samples, simulators and a program guide.  Obviously, Apple sets the bar pretty high for their development, and controls the applications they sell through the App Store very closely. … Read entire article »

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