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iPad Launch Blasts Out 700,000 iPad Units

The first day sales numbers, including pre-orders for the Apple iPad, are approaching the 3/4 million mark at 700,000 units estimated by Gene Munster, an analyst with Piper Jaffray. Original numbers from Daniel Tello around the 20th of March had 200,000 iPad units sold.  The next 12 days apparently added about 500,000 iPads sold…and that’s with the 3G iPad not yet available! If the numbers hold, this could challenge the iPhone’s first month sales numbers that put about 3 million iPhones on the market.  This would be the first tablet pc device adopted on a massive scale.  While some think of the iPad as an oversided iPhone, the iPad appears to be the next device from the Apple world to take hold. Today’s launch was also limited to Wi-Fi models and to the … Read entire article »

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iPad Launching in Apple Stores, but No Lines

With just hours to go until the launch of the new iPad in Apple’s retail stores, we’re all wondering where the lines are.  Granted, there was a massive pre-order push from consumers that pushed the numbers well into Tello’s 200,000 iPad pre-order prediction, but nothing?  No lines anywhere? It’s possible the iPhone frenzy isn’t here for the iPad, or it’s possible that since it’s just a big, souped-up version of the iPhone there’s less WOW factor.  One thing is certain, the iPad will be in stores tomorrow and if you’re lucky enough you can get one without the lines. Supplies are extremely limited. But with many able to pre-order the gadget since mid-March, there was little reason to stand in line ahead of Saturday’s 9 a.m. launch. Those who ordered early enough online … Read entire article »

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iPad Applications for Launch: Count 50

Clocking in with at least 50 iPad Applications for the iPad Store and counting, the iPad looks to be stocked with a good smattering of applications by the time it ships on April 3. Checking out the iPad Gallery at Boy Genius Report, a thumbnail gallery has been set up to display all the latest iPad applications being released on opening day.  I fully expect this list to grow to anywhere from 125-150 applications that will be purchase-able by the time the iPad is in the hands of their end-users. Some of the notable names that appear to be ready to launch their iPad applications are: Yahoo’s tech ticker, NBC Sports, and Reuters.  I am going to keep my eyes peeled on the iPad gallery, and I am sure you will too … Read entire article »

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Tello Predicts 200,000 iPads Pre-Ordered by Friday

Selling at a 10,000 per day clip, Daniel Tello estimates that the iPad should cross the 200,000 unit border by the end of day Friday, March 26th. Tello, who has tracked the iPad frenzy closely, claims that the orders announced are primarily for shipping and not store pre-order sales which will increase Apple’s numbers as well.  The iPad sales for pre-order may eclipse the numbers from the iPhone, which sold 270,000 units before release from Apple. “I think sometime during Friday, perhaps before noon, the counter should roll to 200,000 units pre-ordered,” Tello told Fortune. … Read entire article »

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