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iPad Video From Brightcove Using HTML5

Brightcove stepped in to fill the void of a video-publishing company that would assist in publishing to the iPad.  Announced today, Brightcove will support HTML5, a browser-based advance on HTML that allows the browser to natively take care of some embedding of multimedia, including video. The Brightcove HTML5 Experience for iPad Video is based solely using a no-plug-in model.  Rather, HTML 5 video uses open-source codec formats, and that allows for the browsers to natively take care of the embedding and stream regulation.  Right now, only 4-5 browsers support HTML 5, but one of them is the iPad’s Safari browser. This is a larger step for the HTML5 video and other use adoption as a whole, moving one step closer to a neutering of Flash as the de-facto publishing model for video, … Read entire article »

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