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And Now, A Nokia Tablet-PC

Not to be left out of the rush to market, a Nokia tablet PC is speculated to join Dell, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard and others in competition for a share of the iPad Tablet market. Each one of the tablets offered will have their own unique characteristics ala USB, Cameras, Multi-Touch, etc.  What appears to set them apart will be their power, speed, memory and compatibility with other technologies. Google’s Chrome OS is rumored to be on Dell’s tablet-pc launch.  The difference of Nokia is that they are a pure wireless company that is now getting into something stronger than a smartphone. While Nokia has declined comment, analysts seem convinced that Nokia will indeed launch a tablet by fall of this year. … Read entire article »

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HP Slate “Leaked” Design Fills iPad Gaps

In a massive calling-out of the iPad’s fanatic support, HP “leaked” a document that shows a side-by-side comparison of the HP Slate Tablet-PC against the Apple iPad.  The verdict?  Apple better figure out how to add some features and fast… It’s not a surprise that Apple, in its rush to launch the iPad, left out some pieces that users are up-in-arms about.  Mainly, a lack of camera and a lack of USB ports, but others are grumbling now when looking at the features the HP Slate will support. HP Slate’s tablet looks geared to the more power user and ships with the Intel Atom processor, Windows 7 and runs just like a laptop, only thinner and lighter.   It also will support memory cards through an adapter, USB 2.0, has up to a … Read entire article »

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MuscleNerd Releases Spirit Jailbreak For iPad, iPhone OS 3.2

On Monday, MuscleNerd announced their successful jailbreak of the iPad and iPhone 3G devices called Spirit.  A jailbreak is a way that developers actually “hack” into the operating system of the iPad tablet pc and remove the protection that forces owners to only go through the App Store for their software. A device that has a jailbreak applied will then be allowed to have their own software or bootleg songs and software without going through iTunes or Apple’s store.  It also allows a device to be “unlocked” and usable outside of the mandatory AT&T carrier service. Jailbreaks are nothing new to the iPhone OS, the first version of the OS was cracked within a month.  However, the fact that a new product like the iPad runs on the same operating system as … Read entire article »

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iPad’s Browser Makes Developers Work Harder

Developers are gearing up for the next round of browsers that they have to develop web applications for.  A world without browser plug-ins is the world that Apple pictures, as their iPad browser doesn’t support even Flash, the most common plug-in on the web. An early decision from Apple was that the iPad would only render videos and other multimedia found commonly on the internet in HTML5.  While this is typical for Apple to control their environment, never before have they been able to control the user’s browsing experience to this level before the iPad. Now, from an iPad developer standpoint, this makes another browser to throw into the cross-compatibility mix.  The biggest hurdle is that HTML5 is not backwards compatible, so browsers like IE6 (which will not die), will never be … Read entire article »

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