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HP Slate “Leaked” Design Fills iPad Gaps

In a massive calling-out of the iPad’s fanatic support, HP “leaked” a document that shows a side-by-side comparison of the HP Slate Tablet-PC against the Apple iPad.  The verdict?  Apple better figure out how to add some features and fast… It’s not a surprise that Apple, in its rush to launch the iPad, left out some pieces that users are up-in-arms about.  Mainly, a lack of camera and a lack of USB ports, but others are grumbling now when looking at the features the HP Slate will support. HP Slate’s tablet looks geared to the more power user and ships with the Intel Atom processor, Windows 7 and runs just like a laptop, only thinner and lighter.   It also will support memory cards through an adapter, USB 2.0, has up to a … Read entire article »

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HP Slate Tablet PC Price Set, Launch in Q4 2010

HP appears to be the great hope for Intel and Windows based tablets to take on the iPad.  Reports from various sources have pegged the HP Slate at a price of $540.  While this doesn’t undercut the iPad’s price, it certainly puts the HP Slate in the ballpark with Apple’s iPad Tablet PC.  Hewlett Packard is hoping that the Slate and it’s features that the iPad doesn’t have such as USB, Flash Support and a built-in camera will be enough to swing the market share in their favor. Timing is everything in this industry, and as Apple reboots the tablet pc market with the launch of the iPad, we feel that the HP Slate may be too late to the party to make an immediate impact.  However, with the Intel Atom … Read entire article »

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HP Slate Won’t Undercut iPad, sports USB

Speculation on the HP Slate and its price point is starting to get clearer and more precise.  Originally, the pundits said that the HP Tablet PC would come in very low on price and try to gain market share by beating Apple on price. Now, it looks like $545 is the price du jour.  Clipset, a distributor in Spain, claims that the HP Tablet PC will not only be above the basic iPad price, but it will also include the coveted USB and camera built-in. Oh, and did we mention that most tablet PC’s aside from Apple’s iPad will support Flash?  Granted, Jobs is a big advocate of native support but you have to wonder if he protests so much because he can’t take a well-established market like Adobe/Macromedia over with Cocoa? Apple … Read entire article »

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Here Comes HP On The Heels Of The iPad

HP is aggressively moving on releasing their new tablet platform by the end of 2010 in response to the iPad release.  According to Nick Kolakowski’s article on eWeek, HP feels that the iPad’s lack of flash and its high price tag make the iPad a target to expand in the tablet space. While Apple may be first to market with this device (discounting the push for tablet computing in the early 2000’s), we are aware this is a fickle market.  Apple fans are sure to gravitate towards the new iPad in droves, but those that can’t afford the luxury of a non-computing platform that is over 600 USD may balk at the price tag and opt for a more powerful platform without the burgeoning price. Sure, the Apple’s iPad sports the industrial … Read entire article »

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