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iPad Tablet PC is Harbinger of Market’s Future

In a press release from Xplore Tech Tablet PC manufacturer, Mark Holleran lays out his vision of the future of the tablet pc market.  Essentially, with the explosive marketing and acceptance of the Apple iPad tablet pc, Holleran feels that his company is poised to make a move into acquiring part of the tablet pc target user base later this year. Xplore’s tablet pcs focus on the rugged, tough-built portable computers that are often used in high-impact jobs such as construction. Holleran is adamant about focusing his company’s efforts on those users that require more computing power than the iPad will deliver, and almost borders on citing Apple’s iPad as a novelty compared to normal tablet pcs. “With Apple and other consumer PC companies embracing the tablet format, I think the potential … Read entire article »

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iPad Video From Brightcove Using HTML5

Brightcove stepped in to fill the void of a video-publishing company that would assist in publishing to the iPad.  Announced today, Brightcove will support HTML5, a browser-based advance on HTML that allows the browser to natively take care of some embedding of multimedia, including video. The Brightcove HTML5 Experience for iPad Video is based solely using a no-plug-in model.  Rather, HTML 5 video uses open-source codec formats, and that allows for the browsers to natively take care of the embedding and stream regulation.  Right now, only 4-5 browsers support HTML 5, but one of them is the iPad’s Safari browser. This is a larger step for the HTML5 video and other use adoption as a whole, moving one step closer to a neutering of Flash as the de-facto publishing model for video, … Read entire article »

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HP Slate Won’t Undercut iPad, sports USB

Speculation on the HP Slate and its price point is starting to get clearer and more precise.  Originally, the pundits said that the HP Tablet PC would come in very low on price and try to gain market share by beating Apple on price. Now, it looks like $545 is the price du jour.  Clipset, a distributor in Spain, claims that the HP Tablet PC will not only be above the basic iPad price, but it will also include the coveted USB and camera built-in. Oh, and did we mention that most tablet PC’s aside from Apple’s iPad will support Flash?  Granted, Jobs is a big advocate of native support but you have to wonder if he protests so much because he can’t take a well-established market like Adobe/Macromedia over with Cocoa? Apple … Read entire article »

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Amazon Creates Free Kindle App for iPad

From the “if you can’t beat em, join em” department, Amazon appears to be hedging their bets on their hardware with some crafty iPad software.  The iPad will support Amazon’s Kindle application, which is a seeming tip-of-the-hat from Jobs in accepting Bezos’ resignation as king of all e-readers. It’s a brilliant move by Amazon.  Really.  Hardware is an overhead cost, and if Kindle can work purely off a distributed software model and, similar to iTunes, just sell digital books…well, profit goes way up! Amazon, to its credit, has had their Kindle software available on the iPhone and iPod Touch for a while now, but reading on a 3.5″ LCD is very different from reading a book or magazine on the iPad’s 10″ screen. Good for you, Amazon.  I think no matter who wins … Read entire article »

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