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And Now, A Nokia Tablet-PC

Not to be left out of the rush to market, a Nokia tablet PC is speculated to join Dell, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard and others in competition for a share of the iPad Tablet market. Each one of the tablets offered will have their own unique characteristics ala USB, Cameras, Multi-Touch, etc.  What appears to set them apart will be their power, speed, memory and compatibility with other technologies. Google’s Chrome OS is rumored to be on Dell’s tablet-pc launch.  The difference of Nokia is that they are a pure wireless company that is now getting into something stronger than a smartphone. While Nokia has declined comment, analysts seem convinced that Nokia will indeed launch a tablet by fall of this year. … Read entire article »

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iPad iBooks No Threat To Amazon Kindle

There are 450,000 reasons that Amazon Kindle shouldn’t worry about the new iPad iBooks Launch.  That’s the number of books, magazines and other publications that Amazon’s e-Reader has in its catalog. According to several analysis pieces on the subject of Amazon -v- Apple, it appears that Kindle mitigated what could have been a devistating situation by releasing it’s Amazon Kindle App so early on the iPhone and then updating it for the iPad. Portability of the books seems to be key as well.  Media purchased through the iBooks application from Apple is only available in that application, whereas the Kindle’s book purchases can be read on the Kindle device itself, the iPad, phones and personal computers as well as tablet PCs. Meanwhile, at launch of the iPad, 250,000 books were downloaded at launch … Read entire article »

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HP Slate “Leaked” Design Fills iPad Gaps

In a massive calling-out of the iPad’s fanatic support, HP “leaked” a document that shows a side-by-side comparison of the HP Slate Tablet-PC against the Apple iPad.  The verdict?  Apple better figure out how to add some features and fast… It’s not a surprise that Apple, in its rush to launch the iPad, left out some pieces that users are up-in-arms about.  Mainly, a lack of camera and a lack of USB ports, but others are grumbling now when looking at the features the HP Slate will support. HP Slate’s tablet looks geared to the more power user and ships with the Intel Atom processor, Windows 7 and runs just like a laptop, only thinner and lighter.   It also will support memory cards through an adapter, USB 2.0, has up to a … Read entire article »

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The British Are Coming – for Tablet PCs

Good news, UK, the iPad global release is on April 24th…and according to the Kelkoo survey, at least 1 out of every 4 people in the UK would prefer a device like the iPad Tablet to the standard laptop or desktop. The survey lists a variety of reasons that the tablet pc is preferred over the normal, traditional laptop but topping the charts is weight and portability.  The surveyed, as well as most folks, are having the dilemma of balancing computing power -v- portability.  While the iPad launch ushered in a new era of portability, the iPad still doesn’t multi-task, a big problem with the heavy-duty user. Bruce Fair, Managing Director at Kelkoo, expressed that the iPad may change the tides of how people feel about tablet pcs.  Up until now, the … Read entire article »

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