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Amazon, Barnes & Noble e-Reader Software Not Launching On iPad

Amazon announced that it would, indeed, be launching software for its popular Kindle e-Reader platform that will work on the iPad Tablet.  Now, Barnes & Noble also sees the writing on the wall as it announces their own iPad e-Reader application.  Apple, however, not playing favorites, is not OEM-ing either software on the iPad when they ship. Of the two platforms, Kindle has a current wide lead in the e-Reader platform with 45% by common estimates with Sony in second place with 30% and the Barnes & Noble’s Nook lumped in with the remaining 25%.  It is worth noting that, with 40% of e-Reader owners looking to upgrade to an iPad and use it for their book and text reading that this was a no-brainer for both companies. It’s apparent to all … Read entire article »

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