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iPad iBooks No Threat To Amazon Kindle

There are 450,000 reasons that Amazon Kindle shouldn’t worry about the new iPad iBooks Launch.  That’s the number of books, magazines and other publications that Amazon’s e-Reader has in its catalog. According to several analysis pieces on the subject of Amazon -v- Apple, it appears that Kindle mitigated what could have been a devistating situation by releasing it’s Amazon Kindle App so early on the iPhone and then updating it for the iPad. Portability of the books seems to be key as well.  Media purchased through the iBooks application from Apple is only available in that application, whereas the Kindle’s book purchases can be read on the Kindle device itself, the iPad, phones and personal computers as well as tablet PCs. Meanwhile, at launch of the iPad, 250,000 books were downloaded at launch … Read entire article »

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Amazon Kindle Users Switching to iPad As eReader

According to Piper Jaffray’s research as highlighted on Electronista, e-Readers are switching from the Amazon Kindle to the iPad in a fairly significant number; 7.5% of users surveyed said they had or intended to switch over to the iPad and use the iBookstore. Furthermore, an iPad survey from ChangeWave showed indicated that over 25% of current eReader owners would have waited to purchase an iPad if they had the choice again.  The research is really interesting and I suggest you browse through it.  The consumer sentiment clearly thinks there’s room for the Amazon Kindle, but that iPad’s market share will dominate by almost 2:1. This is an amazing stat in more than just iPad hysteria. It indicates that, despite a recession, almost 10% of users from differing eReader platforms are willing to … Read entire article »

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Amazon Kindle App is iPad Ready

With a whopping 450,000+ titles, the Amazon Kindle e-Reader software is ready and available for the iPad.  Because of the way the software is built, it runs just as easily and feature-rich on the iPhone itself. This is an upgrade to the previous version of the Amazon Kindle app, that Apple released along side the Kindle 2.  The app was good, but not great.  It looks like Kindle, while abdicating its king of e-reader technology throne, hasn’t thrown in the towel just yet. With almost 1/2 million titles available and the software running now on two devices, Kindle may be able to secure its foothold in the marketplace.   Now, if they only weren’t competing against the native-running iBookstore… The iPad version of Kindle includes a spiffy page-turning animation (why should Apple have … Read entire article »

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iBookstore for iPad is an E-Reader Killer

Look out Kindle and Nook, here comes the iBookstore for the iPad and that means trouble for the entire stand-alone, e-Reader market.  Powered by a fledgling digital books company called Smashwords, the iBookstore opens the door to self-publishing authors and puts very strict guidelines on the publishing and pricing models. According to AppleInsider, all books must be priced ending in .99 (ala 10.99, 4.99) and can be sold for as low as .99 cents.  Apple revenue is sure to feel the benefit of distributing their own books, and between that and the revenue generated from the iPad sales (projected to be up to 5 billion this year).  Couple that with an initial loading of 10,000 books in the iBookstore that are free, public-domain books, and iBookstore looks to be a hit. Apple … Read entire article »

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